About Us

White Birch Oil & Spice strives to bring amazing flavor from Mother Nature to your table.  Love, Nature, Family & Flavor are our motto. We pride ourselves on creating family flavor traditions.


Richie Scheve created White Birch Oil & Spice at the age of 9 when he was inspired by his 3rd grade Market Day project.  With a little support from Mom and Dad, White Birch Oil & Spice was born.


White Birch Oil & Spice source their olive oil base from the finest olive farms in the Mediterranean.  Our spices are carefully selected from around the world to ensure the highest quality.  Every bottle is made in small batches to ensure freshness.  

Each bottle is made with love.  


In May 2019, White Birch Oil & Spice created their first two products, Herb Infused Olive Oil and Savory Italian Seasoning.  We plan to continue to introduce more flavors of olive oil and unique spice blends from around the world.  


Thank you for your interest in White Birch Oil & Spice.  We truly hope you enjoy our amazing flavors of olive oil and spice blends.